Teaching You How to Play Guitar - My Mission at Pickup Guitar Project

My mission at Pickup Guitar Project is to inspire people to pick up the guitar. Pickup Guitar Project is here to help everybody from total beginners to intermediate players learn how to play guitar. I want to show you that playing guitar isn’t nearly as difficult as it seems at first. I hope that we can grow together as this project evolves over time!

Why Start Pickup Guitar Project?

I started Pickup Guitar Project because I want to share my passion for guitar with as many people as possible. Pickup Guitar Project is a community for guitar players of various skill levels to come together, learn, and share knowledge. Accordingly, I’ll guide you on your journey to learning how to play guitar by posting instructional videos and other informational content. Also, don’t forget to connect with me through social media and with the community if you’re ever stuck! Essentially, it’s my goal to show you that there are no secrets, there is only practice! Once you figure that out, you can truly start learning how to play guitar!

About Nathan

My name is Nathan Whisman, and I live in Florida with my lovely wife Taylor and our beautiful cat Leia.

I started playing guitar in the third grade. Since then, playing guitar grew to become my absolute favorite hobby. Guitar is a constructive outlet for me that provides me with a sense of accomplishment as I progress.  I feel a deep sense of satisfaction when I play. Furthermore, it allows me to totally immerse myself in an area that I’ll never outgrow. There will always be more to learn, and I’ll always be eager to do so!

Founding Pickup Guitar Project was A Major (heh…) turning point for me. I decided to make guitar an even larger part of my life by spreading my knowledge to others. My main goal at Pickup Guitar Project is outreach. I want to reach those who are willing to learn. Then, I want to help them grow by providing them what they really need to learn how to play guitar!

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